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Fernanda Rodrigo

Último refugio, 2019. Instalación, cer



Fernanda Rodrigo

1971, Buenos Aires.

My work stems from my relationship with the matter. I don't have a preliminary sketch or a full-formed idea of ​​what I'm going to do.

I trust I will capture those forces, those intensities that appear there, in the matter, in the moment.

Both of us, the matter and I, come with weights.

I am like a collage, or like a bookshelf, full of images, of poetry, of books (anatomy, philosophy), and music.

I am always counting on something that is outside when I’m painting, drawing or sculpting. That something appears, goes across me, and then everything overlaps: something new in which I trust is put together, and the process starts there.

I'm still looking for something.

selected works

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