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Laura kuperman

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Laura Kuperman

1965, Buenos Aires.

I studied at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prillidiano Pueyrredón and then obtained a Bachelor of Visual Arts (UNA), and I completed my studies with Tulio de Sagastizabal and Juan Carlos Romero.  Initially  I was dedicated to painting and drawing, then I began to investigate and alternate in other visual languages: graphics, collage, engraving, installations, murals, performances, actions, textiles, artist's books, objects, mail art, and group work.


I joined the street art group PERIFERIA (2002/06) performing urban interventions and currently, the G.R.A.S.A group (2015 and continues) with actions and graphics in the public space I have participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions since 1990. I highlight the following in recent years: “Urbana”, National University of La Matanza. Paintings (2019), Conference on art and education, performance conference, MAMBA. (Collective Fat); Collective exhibition Fiasco, in VORTICE, Caba, (2018); Museum Night: FADU ”100 years of the university reform; Eternity Project by Maurizio Cattelan, Lapida titled ”Penal failure”, ART BASEL- BS AS (2018); “Typographic Resistances “, C.C. Cooperation (2018); Performance ;Bacilos, performance meeting in Umbral (2018); Third Prize Painting University of La Matanza. (2018); Performance “Falla de Origen” in Umbral and Casa Doblas, Caba; Visual poetry, group exhibition  at UMBRAL, Caba (2017). First prize National contest of murals on agriculture. Marull, Province of Córdoba (2015).

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